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Our operations platform empowers you to visualize, react, and optimize through harnessing the power of real-time data.

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Customizable Names

Add new fields within inventory, sales and job orders and track custom data


Provides granular control on MES access. Create detailed user profiles and assign roles and permissions to users


Greater resource and machine management, increased flexibility and visibility over manufacturing operations

Advanced Workflows

Nest, edit and adjust workflows after they are scheduled. 
Adjust workflows pre-scheduling for greater control

Advanced Checklist

Gain further flexibility with customizable checklists (new field options, signatures, etc.)

OEE Management

Manage down reason and record quality and productivity metrics to provide a comprehensive view of OEE



Develop and customize new dashboards specific to your operations

Machine Connectivity

Connect machines for OEE calculations and visualize machine data on custom dashboards


Gain production visibility, traceability and control over your inventory movement and processes

Standard SPC calculations & correlation matrixes for machines, labour, cross batch analysis, inventory and raw materials

Advanced Statistics & Analytics

Custom Page Designer

Set up favourite dashboards, modules and shortcuts as well as customize themes depending on user preferences

Drawing Annotation

Draw, type, and add customizable tags and icons, along with Custom Field Creation

Strategic Process Map

Full visibility into all production operations across the facility from machine status to resource utilization


Integration enables complete machine/tool interface from maintenance to calibration

Report Building

Easy to use tool for noting and recording facility wide issues and problems

Issue Reporter & Manager

Log facility wide issues through custom inputs: Specific workflows, machines, personnel and inventories



Allows (QA) status to be monitored and tracked in real time with complete historical records for audit purposes

Alarm Notifications

Customizable tiered alarms & triggers for email, onscreen & SMS notifications across all integrated enterprise functions

Full maintenance performance tracking, machine health and efficiency

Equipment Maintenance 


Allows safety status to be monitored & tracked in real time with complete historical records

Engineering Class
Ready-made Solution Packages
Choose from our selection of bundles, ready to deploy in your operations
Easily manage equipment and other tools, as well as execute preventative and predictive maintenance.
Automate custom user-defined process orchestration to configure reactions within internal and external systems.
Measure manufacturing productivity and gain insights into improving your processes.
Attain capabilities to track and trace materials, energy, labor, and other inputs are used during the production process.
Manufacturers will be able to identify problems and make data-driven decisions based on insights and customizable reports.
A tool for everyone


Receive critical alerts and instructions regarding your operations on any device in real time for rapid response to updates.


View OEE and other key performance metrics to quickly make changes to your production and prevent breakdowns.


Intuitive scheduling tools at the disposal of your planners. React appropriately to sudden changes in production.


Reach enterprise level goals by controlling your operations within the virtual factory floor to monitor all facilities.

Harness the power of real-time data

Utilize the data that is flowing through the factory floor all the way to senior management to run advanced analytics. Identify areas of improvement, perform preventive maintenance, and ensure workforce accountability.

Experience the benefits of harnessing real-time data to actively monitor processes that will smooth out operations, deliver quality products to your customers, and reduce overall production costs. 

Power up your business with arc.Ops, your Next-Gen MES.

To inquire further about the arc.ops solution and its capabilities, fill up the contact form and we will assist you the best we can.

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