Strong Foundation for Growth

Over 2,700 PE firms supply critical products and expertise needed to manufacture complex components and equipment used in industries such as semiconductors, medical technology, marine, offshore and aerospace.

Source: Economic Development Board (Singapore)

SGD $42 billion in projected growth in 2020

SGD $3.3 billion in Government investment into Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering R&D

Engineer Working on Machinery
Optimize business operations and processes with Arcstone's enhanced Production Traceability toolsets.

Production Traceability and Inventory Management for your Factory Floor

Real-time Monitoring and Tracking for Greater Visibility and Control

  • Improved capabilities to track and trace materials, energy, labor, and other inputs during the production process

  • Meet quality compliance standards and raw material audits even under the strictest requirements

  • Toolsets integrated with barcode and RFID scanning to track your raw material usage

  • Real-time production floor visibility allowing full manufacturing overview for owners and management

  • Monitor production progress and performance with custom dashboards and reports​​

  • Alarms and alerts for immediate and preventive action

Data-driven Production Traceability

Realize step change improvements in safety and value creation with arc.ops

arc.ops offers

  • Real-time traceability of maintenance operations eliminates avoidable procedural delays

  • Comprehensive data collection accelerates root cause analysis for targeted maintenance

  • Preventative algorithms and metrics decrease time spent on unnecessary and ineffective maintenance


arc.ops offers

  • Live video instructions help reduce human error in maintenance procedures

  • Predictive algorithms anticipate failure and reduce risk of hazardous equipment breakdowns

  • Digital quality assurance and safety checklists ensure equipment is always fit for purpose


arc.ops offers

  • Preventative methods and logic eliminate inefficient reliance on “mean time between failure” metrics

  • Accelerated root cause analysis, reduce wasted labor and spare parts

Case studies

OEM of Automotive Meters & Instruments

Operationalizing data to enable product traceability and real-time inventory management

Image by Science in HD

Read our case study on how Arcstone's suite of tools help integrate hardware and software solutions that are already running onsite

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