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S$18-Million Digital Manufacturing Joint Lab Opening in Singapore

17th June 2021 – Together with the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Arcstone has officially opened our Digital Manufacturing Joint Lab, situated in the Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC) in Singapore.

Mr. Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Trade and Industry, graced the opening ceremony and toured the model factory facility in the ARTC. The minister spoke on Singapore’s Manufacturing 2030 plans and the vision for Singapore to become a global business, innovation and talent hub for advanced manufacturing.

Minister Gan Kim Yong tours the Model Factory in the ARTC.

The minister also applauded Arcstone’s efforts across the years in building up a strong base of manufacturing firms locally.

The Road Ahead for the Joint Lab

In partnership with A*STAR, Arcstone will build upon shared capabilities in advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0 technologies, such as computational modelling, simulation and artificial intelligence as part of the research and development projects.

With this ambition and increased capability, Arcstone hopes to disrupt the traditional MES model and halve R&D time to develop innovative, powerful technologies.

Arcstone's Joint Lab displays Real-Time Production Monitoring, where manufacturers are able to receive data instantly from sites across the world

Arcstone’s ambitions towards developing more advanced manufacturing capabilities align with the Joint Lab’s three main goals:

1) To ease solution deployments and toolset implementations for manufacturers – Read more about our advanced MES solution here..

2) To create a digital foundation for Singapore’s manufacturing sector – Read more about our education program here.

3) To democratize and simplify our toolsets to allow manufacturers on any scale to achieve optimal performance.

The main objective of the Joint Lab is to empower as many SMEs in Singapore as possible to digitalize, upskill and grow with our advanced toolsets in order to boost Singapore’s manufacturing competitiveness on a global level.

Key Research Workstreams

There are currently 4 workstreams in progress in the Joint Lab, each targeted at resolving different challenges within the manufacturing sector:

Workstream A: Real Time Production Visibility – will free up factory operators from manual processes, while improving safety processes. is a gamification platform allowing the supervisors or managers to inject gamification elements in operation workflow in an effort to boost labor productivity.

Workstream B: Drag and Drop Machine Integration Toolset – arc.connect will build out production workflows to make it easy for workshop operators to use the commercial connectivity toolsets.


Workstream C: Real Time Production Simulation and Scheduling Optimization – arc.sim will allow real-time consequence and impact evaluation of production line uncertainties. It will create more accurate cycle time predictions powered by machine learning to facilitate effective scenario evaluation.

Workstream D: Product Lifecycle Assessment and Environmental Labelling – is a consumer-based sustainability metric for all manufacturing products. The end goal is a universal sustainability grade of all products sold to better inform consumers of the environmental impact in buying particular products.

The current workstreams will continue to be developed over the next 3 years, with both teams from A*STAR and Arcstone driving the projects in unison. The Arcstone team will continue to push forward in creating a digital advantage for manufacturers and building Singapore’s global manufacturing competitiveness. Watch this space as we continue to scale up the Joint Lab!

Visit us today! Book a tour of the Joint Lab facilities in the ARTC to check out our facility and explore a new leap towards Digitalization and Industry 4.0 transformation. To get in contact with us, you can email us at as well.


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