Empowering Supply Chain visibility
in real time

Working together, we can transform the way businesses

plan, source, and buy products.

Intelligently manage the entire length of your supply chains in real time, from raw materials to the finished product
Full transparency of real-time factory data is a secure platform 

utilizing a distributed node network to transmit critical real-time manufacturing data from the factories to brands, providing a holistic view of supply chain activities to allow for strategic decision-making.

Be empowered with full visibility of real-time data from all supplier tiers to elevate your sourcing capabilities and better manage quality, lead-time, and costing.



Obtain a real-time view of all supplier tiers to strategically source and purchase inputs directly from factories.

Leverage accurate, real-time data on manufacturing activities to optimize supply chain planning in both the short- and long-term.

Utilize in-built machine learning capabilities to forecast supply and demand while automating sourcing decisions.

React quickly to changing events to minimize disruption and ensure rapid production and delivery lead-times.