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Reveal Hidden Value

Our operations platform empowers you to visualize, react, and optimize through harnessing the power of real-time data.

Visualize and integrate data in your virtual factory floor
virtual factory floor
arc.quire, arc.ops,
physical factory floor
Control your physical factory floor with 

Modules Include:

  • Planning and scheduling

  • Batch tracking

  • Workflow tracking

  • Work-in-process inventory monitoring

  • Workstation control

  • Automated key performance indicators

  • Advanced analytics

  • And many more...

The advanced manufacturing execution system (MES) that serves as the backbone of Arcstone's software platform. After consolidating information from and arc.quire, data is presented through a user-friendly interface that provides a holistic view of the entire manufacturing process.

​The following modules allow manufacturers to easily monitor production efficiency, track worker productivity and control production processes.


Integration software that processes and analyzes data generated by hardware through any type of communication protocol. Streaming data from a network of sensors and trackers including IoT sensors, bar code scanners, power analyzers, thermometers, distance meters, and laser micrometers. 

This solution is also designed to integrate with programmable logic controllers (PLC) and digital interfaces to gather data that is passed to arc.ops.

Data Sources Include:

  • Vibration Sensors

  • Distance Sensors

  • Heat Sensors

  • PLC


  • Legacy Machines

  • Workforce Personnel

  • And many more...


Compatible Systems:

  • ERP

  • MRP

  • MES

  • PLM

  • And many more...

Capable of integrating with software systems connected to the larger enterprise. Data from material requirements planning, enterprise resource planning and manufacturing execution system among other systems is extracted and delivered to arc.ops, allowing easy access to the full spectrum of data covering the entire manufacturing process.

A tool for everyone


Receive critical alerts and instructions regarding your operations on any device in real-time for rapid response to updates.


View OEE and other key performance metrics to quickly make changes to your production and prevent breakdowns.


Intuitive scheduling tools at the disposal of your planners. React appropriately to sudden changes in production.


Reach enterprise level goals by controlling your operations within the virtual factory floor to monitor all facilities.

Harness the power of real-time data

Utilize the data that is flowing through the factory floor all the way to senior management to run advanced analytics. Identify areas of improvement, perform preventive maintenance, and ensure workforce accountability.

Experience the benefits of harnessing real-time data to actively monitor processes that will smooth out operations, deliver quality products to your customers, and reduce overall production costs. 

Power up your business with arc.Ops, your Next-Gen MES.

To know more about the arc.ops solution and its capabilities, fill up the contact form and one of our team members will get in touch with you soon.

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