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320 Billion Dollar Market

The global plastic packaging market size is projected to reach USD 320.94 billion by 2027, registering a revenue-based CAGR of 4.0% over the forecast period. The market is majorly driven by the growing demand for plastic packaging from the food and beverage and industrial packaging industry. The demand for new houses, cars, and apartments is expected to grow with the rise in the disposable incomes in countries such as U.S, India, and China.

Source: Grand View Research Inc.

One of the key drivers for the plastic packaging industry is pharmaceutical industry growth. Owing to advances in science and technology, the pharmaceutical industry has been growing at a rapid pace over the past few years especially in emerging counties such as China, India, and Brazil.

Source: Grand View Research Inc.

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Strategic Process Mapping, Data Acquisition and Data Integration

Real Time Tracking for your Production Floor

Data Acquisition and Integration

  • Arcstone's Strategic Process Map provides remote access to a real-time view of your operations

  • Gain access to a live view of your machine status, performance and production lines

  • Enables product traceability and visibility from anywhere in the world

  • Our arc.quire Data Acquisition System can pull streams of data from production floors, allowing for real-time monitoring and control of operations

  • Arcstone's system integrates existing software solutions, so manufacturers can centralize core data into specific databases

Data-driven Production Traceability

Realize step change improvements in safety and value creation with arc.ops

Recycled Plastic
Advanced Scheduling

arc.ops offers

  • The generation, maintenance and translation of sales quotations into orders to proceed seamlessly into production and processing

  • A comprehensive toolset that provides scheduling, workflow creation, generating production runs and automatic resource allocation

  • Process mapping into configurable, dynamic workflows for visibility into machine status and resource utilization

arc.ops offers

Strategic Process Map
  • Flexible, comprehensive real-time oversight of a manufacturer's entire production operation

  • The ability to quickly detect, drill down, identify root causes and implement decisions to rectify any production issues on-the-go

  • Integration with other systems to provide enhanced features, such as digital twin (simulation), custom workstation interface, etc

arc.ops offers

  • Improved capabilities to track and trace materials, energy, labor, and other inputs during the production process

  • The meeting of quality compliance standards and raw material audits even under the strictest requirements

  • Toolsets integrated with barcode and RFID scanning to track your raw material usage

  • Auto-scheduling of jobs based on available qualified personnel, machines and resources

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