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The $100Bn Opportunity

Potential Annual Economic Value Through Digitization (USD), McKinsey Global Initiative

100bn opportunity graph2.png

Nearly one third of the $370 billion in annual economic value is expected to be realized through the digitalization of equipment maintenance

The time for the mining industry to digitize their equipment maintenance operations is now!

Establish the digital foundation with a flexible and configurable solution

Preparing the foundation for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) layers

  • Flexible to allow for ease of integration with new and existing systems

  • Configurable to suit the complex and dynamic nature of mining maintenance operations

  • Simple and intuitive interface, to help drive user buy-in at all levels of the organization

  • The digital foundation is a technological prerequisite for ML/AI to be effective​

  • Initiating the transition to a data driven organizational culture through phase 1 will accelerate the benefits from ML/AI enabling our partners to step in to help

  • The promise of ML/AI solutions is already proven in the manufacturing industry and it's ripe for mining

Data Driven Equipment Maintenance

Realize step change improvements in safety and value creation with arc.ops

Image by Albert Hyseni

arc.ops offers

  • Real-time traceability of maintenance operations eliminates avoidable procedural delays

  • Comprehensive data collection accelerates root cause analysis for targeted maintenance

  • Preventative algorithms and metrics decrease time spent on unnecessary and ineffective maintenance


arc.ops offers

  • Live video instructions help reduce human error in maintenance procedures

  • Predictive algorithms anticipate failure and reduce risk of hazardous equipment breakdowns

  • Digital quality assurance and safety checklists ensure equipment is always fit for purpose


arc.ops offers

  • Preventative methods and logic eliminate inefficient reliance on “mean time between failure” metrics

  • Accelerated root cause analysis, reduce wasted labor and spare parts

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