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In partnership with academic institutions globally, Arcstone is helping to train the next generation of Digital Manufacturing Experts with classroom learning to shop floor experience

Enabling next generation talent and re-skilling experienced workforce to drive:

• Data literacy

• Digital tools for workers

• Upskilling and talent improvement

• Productivity improvements

• Increase utilization

• Improve quality

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Digitalization Method

• Comprehensive training and workshops conducted by Arcstone


• Free arc.lite setup for student projects


• Arcstone brings together SMEs and students for synergistic projects

• Students support SMEs for solution deployment in factories


• Students get first-hand experience implementing advanced tools for digital transformation projects

• Forging lasting connections between students and potential employers

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Education - University Curriculum


With Arcstone's collaboration with various educational institutes of higher learning, we have established a curriculum to guide students in a basic course in our MES. The course will provide them with the expertise to handle our arc.lite MES and gain valuable experience in Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation.

Connection - Local SME Outreach

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In partnership with local SMEs, students under the educational program will be able to work on synergistic projects and apply their skills and training with the SMEs.

Fostering research collaboration through industry practice and real-world projects gives students a chance to solidify their skills and competencies.

Deployment - Manufacturing Network/ Local Company Experience


In the last phase of the program, students will be able to leverage on Arcstone's wide network of industry-leading clients and partners. 

Students who have gone through the program will have the capabilities to help manufacturers digitally innovate, putting them in ideal positions for employment and/or advancement.

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