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Get notifications to monitor your processes through customized Alarms and Triggers
Key Capabilities
Entering Keys
Consolidated Alarm Flows
Main Interface

Centralized and Flexible

The alarms are centralized in a single module and offer users the flexibility to build alarm flows which maintain and track key metrics,  providing them with full control of operations.

Trigger Conditions
Trigger Conditions

Configurable Trigger Conditions

Leveraging an SQL database, users are able to create user-triggered and automated trigger conditions to set the conditions and follow-up actions for alarms and alerts.

Follow-up Conditions

Automate Follow-up Conditions

Based on a set of parameters such as meter readings, hours used and others, users can easily design and customize the type of alarms and follow-up actions to be performed by the technicians when certain thresholds are triggered.
Notification Types

Support Multiple Types of Notifications

The module enables customized alarms for email, SMS and onscreen notifications including Line, Telegram and WhatsApp to give real-time alerts for maintenance and supports.

So why choose    ARCSTONE?
Arcstone_Colour_Horizontal - 128px.png

The arc.opsTM Workflow Creator enables you to rapidly design multiple workflows and recipes through sequential, multiple, or parallel processes. With an intuitive interface, the module allows for the linking of different assets for dynamic workflows and the digitalization of operations.


Untuk menanyakan lebih lanjut tentang solusi Arcstone dan modul yang tersedia, silakan hubungi kami dengan formulir yang disediakan dan tunjukkan solusi mana yang ingin Anda pelajari lebih lanjut.

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