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Spanning Shopfloors and Continents - Part 1
Arcstone Digital Manufacturing

Spanning Shopfloors and Continents - Part 1

Unlock the Power of Manufacturing Data
Network Hub and Cable
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ARCSTONE is focused on revolutionizing the way data is utilized in enterprises. Giving purpose and meaning to data is fundamental in bringing an enterprise closer together.
We provide management and workers an intuitive and powerful solution for running their day-to-day operations while also being able to forecast and plan for future growth.

For SMEs and those new to Digitalization

Arcstone arc.Lite

Get started with arc.lite

Our Lightweight Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is perfect for SMEs and those on the starting lines of digitalization

For LLEs, MNCs and Enterprises

Arcstone arc.ops

Futureproof yourself with arc.ops

Our modular-based, next generation Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is the next step towards full and scalable digitalization

MNCs and Full Supply Chain Coverage


Full visibility, control and optimization with

Global real time coverage of your all levels of suppliers and supplier tiers