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Arcstone and SK International Unveil $2.5 million USD Digital Manufacturing Center in Wixom, MI

The first of many collaboration centers to begin operations, mapping the path towards greater Industry 4.0 collaboration, research, and further education.

Wixom, MI. April 18th, 2023. Arcstone and SK International have joined forces to revolutionize the digital manufacturing ecosystem in the United States with the opening of their first digital manufacturing center in Wixom, Michigan. This digitally integrated facility serves as a collaborative research and development hub, showcasing independent and integrated solutions for visitors to experience first-hand, the capabilities of hardware and software coming together to provide large corporates and small medium businesses the ability to scale, integrate and optimize the manufacturing value chain.

The Joint Digital Manufacturing Collaboration Center in Wixom, MI

A Hub for Collaborative Industry 4.0

The center’s commitment to collaboration is at the forefront of its mission, as it seeks to promote hardware and software integration from the shop floor all the way across the global supply chain. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness the demonstration of an integrated factory enterprise consisting of the Wixom facility, a live production environment, and another one based in Hyderabad, India, in real-time. Service providers and manufacturers can leverage this center to run proof of concepts, trial integrations and conduct supplier training sessions to help escalate the adoption of digital and physical automation toolsets in their own facilities and practices.

Arcstone and SK International will also collaborate with leading research organizations and academic institutions to advance innovation. The core capabilities of the center will be focused on the training, test bedding, solutions improvement, and innovation of current and emerging technologies, with the goal of increasing the power and competitiveness of US manufacturers of all sizes. Arcstone’s and arc.ops toolsets will help create a digital foundation for supply chain integration and shop floor digitalization respectively. SK International’s global mechanical automation and engineering capabilities will enable manufacturers and partners to rapidly link factory equipment and upgrade them with automation, safety, and direct digital integration. With Arcstone and SK International anchoring the foundations for digital and mechanical capabilities, visitors and collaborators will have a foundational platform of solutions to grow and scale rapidly.

Digital Manufacturing Control Tower in the Collaboration Center

Investing in the Future Workforce

The center will also provide valuable resources for the education and training of the next generation of manufacturing professionals. Aligned with the mission of both Arcstone and SK International to advance digitalization education, the center will offer training courses in areas such as toolset deployment methods, data analytics and insights, sensorization and mechanical automation. The center will work with educational institutes around the region to drive the next generation of talent to join the digital manufacturing ecosystem. With hands-on experience in the shopfloor spaces, trainees will be able to immediately apply their new skills and knowledge and invent the next toolsets to further enhance the local manufacturing ecosystem.

Arcstone and SK International have made a firm commitment to scale the innovation and collaboration center with exceptional talent. Twelve new full-time positions will be created, filled by digital architects, deployment engineers, and data analysts. The center will serve as the base of operations for these individuals to continue advancing digital manufacturing solutions globally.


For more information, please contact:

Benedict Sotto

Marketing Lead

Arcstone Digital Manufacturing


Pankaj Kavikondala

Global Business Development Manager

SK International Corporation



About Arcstone

Arcstone is a leading manufacturing software company with a mission to provide complete manufacturing transparency across the entire supply chain. As the partner of choice for manufacturers looking to grow and be at the forefront of digital manufacturing innovation, Arcstone aims to simplify Industry 4.0 and enable a more responsive, responsible, and sustainable manufacturing ecosystem for everyone by digitizing and integrating manufacturing operations from the shop floor right to the hands of consumers.

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About SK International

Established in 2005, SK International has become a powerhouse of continued innovation, creativity, automation, and customization and has evolved into a company that has the capability to deliver on all fronts. Over the course of practice, we have completed over 500 projects ranging from design, assembly, automation, and manufacture of custom purpose equipment for assembly, welding and testing for our satisfied customers from all over the globe.

Our diverse range of services and engineering solutions extend into multiple industries and platforms including Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Industrial, and Medical/Pharmaceutical.

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