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How You Can Go Digital as a Business Owner: MES

Although the effects of the pandemic continue to be unprecedented, you still control and can further your reach, over your manufacturing business. One way to do this is by implementing a manufacturing execution system.

What is MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

MES, or Manufacturing Execution System, is an information system that controls and monitors production on the factory floor. The ultimate aim is to ensure that manufacturing activities are successfully carried out and increase production quality. This goal is achievable by observing and collecting real-time and reliable information on a full output life cycle.

Common Tools:

Data collection and acquisition: Help to collect different types of data from different machines and gather them in the general database to have an overview of the data.

Scheduling: Customize your production and/or maintenance schedule to ensure production is optimized and runs smoothly; easily make plans for productions and organize them better.

Staff and resource management: Balance staff and resources monitoring and keeping track of their steps and progress to make use of the resources effectively.

Process management: Analyze production using data collected to make your factory more efficient and give the overall picture for your factory to be improved.

Performance analysis: Document and compare the quality of production, machinery status, and staff performance to understand overall performance.

Document management: Store all documents digitally for easy access and accessibility; control and categorize the documents for future use.

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