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Arcstone Bytes: Semiconductor Industry’s Demand for Data

As the world’s demand for semiconductors remain strong (though outlook may be a bit hazy), the semiconductor industry’s demand for data from their suppliers and sub-suppliers is ever growing. This is through a combination of key driving factors:

Supply Chain Disruptions

Uncertainty in deliveries especially amongst sub suppliers not having realistic expectations on raw material availably have caused some of the world’s biggest semiconductor players to start demanding more open transparency in their procurement and supply chain players to guarantee on time delivery.

Compliance & Traceability

As quality control and yield becomes an ever-growing concern, production data from suppliers and sub-suppliers from equipment, sub-components and raw materials are now needed for end-to-end traceability and correlation studies.

Sustainability Reporting

As the world’s focus turns to sustainability monitoring and improvements, the semiconductor industry must look back across their supply chain for clear and transparent information to calculate their Scope 3 reporting requirements soon to be implemented in nations globally.

As products and innovations continue to ramp up in the future for the industry, equipment makers to raw materials suppliers, be warned that the demand for data to interconnect the industry will continue to grow so be ready, digitalize or be left behind!

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