Detect events through triggers, customize process orchestration flows, and retrieve results from them
Key Capabilities
Entering Keys
Customize Process Orchestration Flows
Hardware Integration

Centralized and Flexible

arc.flow is a configurable, user-defined orchestration software that uses a drag-and-drop designing concept. Extendable list of events and tasks providing multiple functionalities

Automatic Event Triggers
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Configurable Trigger Conditions

arc.flow supports several out-of-the-box events (e.g. incoming HTTP requests, scheduled timer events, common Eventbus events. Allows orchestration flows to react to events, while users and 3rd party systems can also trigger flows.

Built-in Smart Task Execution
Workflow Interface

Multiple Capabilities 

Send HTTP Requests, perform logic flow control, execute database queries and commands, send email and SMS, trigger different commands in Arcstone's microservices, etc.

So why choose    ARCSTONE?
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By automating custom user-defined process orchestration flows, manufacturers will be able to configure different reactions to events that happen both within and outside the system. Leveraging the wide range of capabilities enabled by different flow tasks, arc.flow empowers users with full control over their processes.

Power up your business with arc.Ops, your Next-Gen MES.

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