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arc.lite is a completely free digital manufacturing solution that Local SME manufacturers in Singapore can now access to track and improve their productivity, better manage their workflow and also view live reports on job order status. This complimentary product has helped multiple manufacturing industries both in Singapore and Asia and is a ready-to-install free software that provides digital tools such as real time data display, complete work order status and digital dashboards and insights. Do take advantage of this offer that is brought to you by MATO and Arcstone.



Track and view live data in real-time, and view all jobs running in your facility. Our customers have experienced 15% or more increases in overall yield and capacity, with the added capability of remote monitoring for sites both locally and overseas.

Fully digitize work processes with the elimination of paperwork, excel input and other manual data input and collection, saving up to an average of 16 hours per week.

Measure productivity and avoid unexpected downtime with machine monitoring, leading to increases in OEE by 10-20%. Tackle downtime issues with a standard SOPs and dashboard alerts and notifications, leading to 50-60% reductions in total unplanned downtime.

Zero-cost solution that provides similar modules and functions compared to other market offerings that can range between USD30,000 to $40,000 for even a simple solution.

Key toolsets for manufacturers such as production scheduling, equipment monitoring, OEE calculation, equipment maintenance and more to start your digitalization journey.

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