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A Digital Revolution, COVID Recovery and The Road Ahead for 2021

A Digital Era

The last few decades have seen huge leaps in innovation and with each industrial revolution, the world has grown more connected, more efficient and more transparent. It should be no surprise that Industry 4.0 would bring us to even greater heights with data, where the ability to deliver innovative services is inseparable from a business' ability to draw upon insights and information.

"Industrial Big Data" or data gathered through manufacturing products and services is the core of digitalization and digital transformation practices (Nikkei Asia). In addition to making organizations smarter and more profitable, digital processes are transforming the key fundamentals of how firms run. The question remains as to how to effectively gather and tap into such data.

Moving Towards a Data-driven Model

The main technical challenges related to collecting manufacturing data often revolve around connecting to machines that have not been previously connected to a manufacturing network or communicating with them using a protocol not previously used by the end user/customer (Engineering USA). Many of the disconnected machines on factory floors are older legacy equipment (large capex investments), and these machines can require more technology to connect than a standard adapter to fully implement modern data collection, monitoring and analysis systems.

The Stepping Stone to Full Data Transparency

The journey to digital transformation need not be arduous with the right guide, and here at Arcstone, we have both the experience and the toolsets to lead manufacturers safe and sound through the turbulent waters. Our powerful and lightweight toolset, arc.lite, will show several important aspects of a digitalization toolset:

Our arc.lite solution will give SME owners a head start on digitizing production by streamlining the heavy manual-based manufacturing processes, through automation, data transparency and all at zero-cost. The solution allows 1-day implementation due to its intuitive, plug-and-play design, which helps manufacturers to dramatically reduce the time spent on the rollout to quickly maximize production and product traceability.

Start your Digitalization Journey today!

Or unsure if you are ready to implement some digital factory initiatives yourself? Here at Arcstone, we provide an array of Digitalization solutions to help your business optimize its production operations and give your full visibility over your production. Curious to hear more about how we can help you get started on your digitalization journey in 1 day? Discover more here.



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