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The Benefits of a Manufacturing Execution System You Need to Know as a Business Owner

An MES or Manufacturing Execution System can bring a business growth and development by both simplifying tasks and improving processes. Here are some advantages that MES can do to make your business more competitive within the digital manufacturing industry:

What can MES do for your business?

MES benefits the business owners in the manufacturing industry in many different ways:

1) Being a comprehensive framework that oversees all processes that take place on the factory floor. MES can help you keep track of each stage of the process, from collecting data to analyze and apply it, etc.

2) Reducing time in the manufacturing cycle, and even time for data entry as well as the in-process work. You don't need to insert the data information by yourself, because MES will do it automatically and as fast as possible.

3) Removing reporting between changes and lowers lead times, which helps to reduce the cost of configuration, and obviously, wait times. By keeping track of each stage of the process and reducing time in the manufacturing cycle, MES will update any changes automatically without the need to report.

MES provides you as business owners with much bigger advantages.

The advantages that you can get from using MES are:

1) Enhancing product consistency with more efficient and accurate preparation of sequences

An MES offers real-time quality data checks, yield control, automated implementation of standards, etc. All resulting in increased product and process quality, and better competitiveness, helps eradicate human error in manufacturing.

2) Empowering your workers in plant processes

Your workers can use MES to track and synchronize production operations through globally dispersed plants.

3) Improving customer service and response times

With the help of MES, your customers can easily provide the feedback needed in real-time. From that, you will easily locate and address challenges for continuous product and service enhancement and production process optimization. Your service will become more professional, time-saving, and obviously, trustworthy.

Due to all these things, MES becomes an essential tool in the manufacturing industry to lead you and your business to success.

Grab those benefits today!

Here at Arcstone, our mission is to provide you and your business a scalable, versatile, and open MES solution that interfaces with existing systems and hardware, including IoT sensors, computers, ERPs, and workstation tablets. Curious to learn more about MES at Arcstone? We can help you get started on your digitalization journey in 1 day! Discover more here.


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