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Bringing Indonesia to the forefront of Industry 4.0

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  • Arcstone aims to offer curriculum in higher education institutes for students to experience how smart factories work

  • Connecting trained students with manufacturers to enable real-world projects and work experience

  • Certified students are able to help digitally transform local SMEs, building a strong talent pool and digitally-ready workforce

Explore our global Digitalization Education program here:


  • Arcstone aims to build a sustainable and homegrown ecosystem to create fresh opportunities for key players in Indonesia

  • Connecting Hardware and Software Integration Partners with manufacturers across the nation

Take a look at some of our key partners here:

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  • Full visibility on a national scale, providing valuable production data and connectivity across multiple sites within the data-driven ecosystem

  • Connecting Indonesia’s Satellite Network, Industrial Lighthouses & PIDI 4.0 Production Lines for full multi-tier visibility to eventually reach complete digitalization

Check out our available demonstration centers around Indonesia:

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Join us today in bringing Indonesia to the forefront of Industry 4.0 and building a data-driven manufacturing ecosystem

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Academic Outreach

Together with Institutes of Higher Learning in Indonesia and supporting manufacturing companies, Arcstone's education program will help in propelling Indonesia's digital transformation nationwide.


Education - University Curriculum


With Arcstone's collaboration with various education institutes of higher learning in Indonesia, we have established a curriculum to guide students in a basic course in our MES.


The course will provide them with the expertise to handle our arc.lite MES and gain valuable experience in Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation.

Connection - Local SME Outreach

Image by Chandra Putra

In partnership with local SMEs, students under the education program will be able to work on synergistic projects and apply their skills and training with the SMEs.

Fostering research collaboration through industry practice and real-world projects gives students a chance to solidify their skills and competencies.

Deployment - Manufacturing Network/ Local Company Experience

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In the last phase of the program, students will be able to leverage on Arcstone's wide network of industry-leading clients and partners. 

Students who have gone through the program will have the capabilities to help manufacturers digitally innovate, putting them in ideal positions for employment and/or advancement.


Key Partners

One of the major components to building an ecosystem starts with strong partners to support the growth and development of Industry 4.0 digital transformation across the region.

Key Partners
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Demonstration Centers

Together with Badan Pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia Industri (BPSDMI) Kemenperin and Pembangunan Pusat Inovasi Digital Industri 4.0 (PIDI 4.0), Arcstone's toolsets have been implemented in multiple Capability Centers across Indonesia.

Demo Centers
Indo Map v5_Indo Map - 5 Major Locations_Indo Map - 4 Major Locations_Indo Map - 4 Major L

Multiple sites and demo centers across the nation

With Arcstone's solutions and network, Showcase Centers and Capability Centers will build and connect Industry 4.0 Ecosystem in Indonesia.

PIDI Capability Center

PIDI 4.0 Capability Center

PIDI Layout

Internal Layout of Demo Center

Get in touch with us.

Join us today in bringing Indonesia to the forefront of Industry 4.0 and building a data-driven manufacturing ecosystem.

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