Data on a Touch Pad


Analyzing Raw Data to Gain Insights for Business-level and Operational Decision Making
Key Capabilities
Integrated Alarm & Notification System​
Main Interface

In-built Alarms and Notifications

Automatically informs users of pending calibration events and required actions, minimizing the need to continuously search for errors​

Data Visualization and Analysis
arc.ops - Dashboard Manager Module - Exa

Dashboard and Report Designer

Monitor the entire production operations processes. Analysis and presentation of data improves overall visibility of factory operations and data driven decision making

Customize Process Orchestration Flows​

Configurable Orchestration Software

arc.flow allows for custom user-defined process orchestration flows using a drag & drop designing concept. It supports a range of activities and logic flow control elements, such as SQL execution, microservice tasks, etc. ​

So why choose    ARCSTONE?
Arcstone_Colour_Horizontal - 128px.png

With the Data Visualization package, manufacturers will be able to identify problems and make decisions based on insights, customize reports for your needs, and take preventative actions by being alerted immediately when there are abnormal production patterns on the factory floor. ​

Power up your business with arc.Ops, your Next-Gen MES.

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